Thread: Should i buy one of these?

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  1. Should i buy one of these? 
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    Just getting into riding. I have a lot of fun and can ride without issue. Learning to jump. Would either of these be okay? Can they be updated? Could get either one for the same price about.

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    I would skip those. I would save your money and get a SS Pro at minimum. Those can be upgraded as you go. But a better option would be to find a ski with a Next foils 2 piece Tbar. Best bang for the buck I think. Those old airchairs ride terrible and cant be upgraded. And you would want to strip all that black off and polish it. But this sport can get pretty spendy and addicting! Not sure what they are asking but probably wouldn't pay over $400 for those ski's. If thats all you can afford and it gets you on the water than go for it. But you will have a lot more fun and get better faster on a better ski. My 2cents.

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