Thread: Towing boat with foil in comptech rack?

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  1. Towing boat with foil in comptech rack? 
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    We just purchased a Comptech hydrofoil rack with strut locker for our Malibu Wakesetter. Does anyone tow their boat with the foil on the rack or should it be stowed inside the boat.

    We are about 5-10 minutes from launch ramps and won't go over 55 mph.

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    I generally say no to towing with the foil in the rack, but a lot of people do. With my luck, it would come out and either do 10K damage to somebody's Mercedes Benz, or worse to a guy on a motorcycle. I think it just isn't worth the small risk that it could come off the tower. I suspect someone on here has had an experience with a foil rack failure at the lake, on the road would mean the foil becomes unusable, and potentially injure someone.

    It may also depend on how rough the road is. Some day it is worth watching the tower bounce back and forth while towing at 55 MPH. The boat is often rocking a lot more than you realize.

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    Been doing it for 20 years on my 10 mile non interstate regular weekend trip. Long trips it goes in the truck.

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